October 2014 – Responding to ISIS recruitment of Canadians

In considering the current ISIS situation in Iraq and Syria, and the Canadians who have joined the ISIS ranks, the following points were discussed:

  • The number of recruits is disturbing, but relatively small;
  • The reasons for joining range from feelings of disenfranchisement in Canada to being a psychological loner to it being a simple job opportunity;
  • Is it reasonable to try to prevent recruitment, or only to prevent problems afterwards, perhaps on the person’s return to Canada;
  • How should a humanist government in Canada respond to the situation in Iraq and Syria? Diplomatically and economically? At what point does military intervention make sense?
  • Are humanists in general conflicted about cultural diversity? Is there such a thing as too much diversity?
  • How potent are your humanist values when faced with an apparent need for political action that conflicts with those values?
  • Are foreign aid, charity, and the need to reduce economic disparity the ultimate solutions to preventing problems such as we’re seeing in the middle east?