March 2016 – Creationism in BC Schools

A fine presentation by Scott Goodman and discussion about creationism, providing a good introduction to (or refresher on) the subject prior to the upcoming special presentation by Professor James Linville, Department of Religious Studies, University of Lethbridge, entitled Each After Its Own Kind – how Creationist Museums are not all created equal.

From the New Mexicans for Science and Reason web site:

Scott Goodman was a high school teacher in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. In addition to teaching grade 9 science and film production, he is an amateur paleontologist and a member of the Vancouver Paleontological Association. After being introduced to the anti-evolution movement when a family member became a vociferous creationist, he gradually became aware of the scope of the problem and the serious threat that it poses to science education. He eventually joined the National Center for Science Education. He has made an intensive study of the “creation science” and “intelligent design” movements and the tactics and arguments they employ to attack the teaching of evolution in public schools. As a result of his efforts, the former Minister of Education of British Columbia, the Hon. Art Charbonneau, amended the education act of that province to prevent the teaching of religiously derived beliefs in provincial public school science classes and require that the entire curriculum related to evolution be taught. School boards throughout the province were instructed to that effect.

For a detailed look at the BC school issue and Mr. Goodman’s involvement, visit

Scott provided an overview of the creationist movement, touching on its numerous incarnations including Old Earth, Young Earth, Gap, Day-age, Theistic, Scientific, and Intelligent Design. By co-opting liberal human rights, creationists have been at times successful in bringing the teaching of creationism in to school systems, often as a science that should be on an equal footing with Darwinian evolution.