March 2014 – viewing “Godless”


The group watched part 1 of Moses Znaimer’s film Godless at this meeting. Created for Znaimer’s Vision TV cable channel, the film looks at some organizations that hold services similar to those in established churches, but reject theism – atheists in congregation.

Asking, “Is atheism the next great religion?”, the film looks at: Jewish congregations that have removed God from consideration and focus on cultural aspect of the Torah; Gretta Vosper‘s widely inclusive United Church congregation; the North Texas Church of Freethought and Fellowship of Freethought, also in Texas; and Camp Quest, a secular children’s camp created to provide a science-based alternative to the vast number of religious-based camps.

Our discussion included questioning whether these are a re-packaging of religion, replacing one “leader”, and possibly dogma, with another. The thorny issue of “is atheism (and by extension humanism) a religion” was also broached (shades or our October 2013 meeting.)