June 2014 – Euthanasia

This month’s meeting, following on the passage of Quebec’s Bill 52, “An Act respecting end-of-life care” (note this link will download a pdf version of the bill), was about euthanasia. The document A humanist discussion of… EUTHANASIA , from the British Humanist Association’s  Humanism For Schools, website served as background information for the discussion, which involved the following questions:

  • Could euthanasia ever be right in cases where the patient cannot give consent? Who should make the decision?
  • What makes a life worth living?
  • Should seriously depressed people be helped to die?
  • Should doctors and nurses impose their moral views on patients? Yes? Sometimes? Never?
  • Should religious people impose their moral views on non-religious people? Yes? Sometimes? Never?

Interest was expressed in connecting with other Humanist groups who support euthanasia as well as any Canadian right to die groups to offer our support and endorsement.