Each After Its Own Kind – how Creationist Museums are not all created equal

creationist_museum_signThere are about 3 dozen Creation Museums in North America with a handful of others scattered around the globe. Many predate the large Answers in Genesis facility in northern Kentucky and a number more are in the planning or construction stage. While Christian young earth creationists are united on certain key doctrinal and social perspectives, the museums themselves vary widely in terms of size, funding, focus, intended audience, and the degree to which they attempt to refute secular science. Dr. Linville offers an overview of the diverse museum landscape and takes you on an illustrated tour of some of the museums in Alberta, Kentucky, Texas and California. Dr. Linville highlights the need to look beyond the well-funded organizations and the influential and charismatic figures in “Big Creation” to truly understand what is happening with the creation museum phenomenon.


A presentation by Professor James Linville, Department of Religious Studies, University of Lethbridge


Tuesday April 5, 5:45 pm


Courtenay Public Library, 300 6th Street, Courtenay

Free admission, open to the public