Atheism, agnosticism, ethics and more

The following sites cover the continuum from fundamental faith to fundamental scientism. These are not endorsements, but suggested as places to explore and compare different worldviews.

Patheos – a web site intended for those “looking for credible and balanced information about religion.” It covers a huge range of topics from religious, spiritual, and atheistic perspectives (with, ironically, “Atheist” listed with other “Faiths”.) With extensive articles, blogs, current new and political coverage, comparison of world religions and more, it’s a fascinating site.

Atheist Universe – covering more than it’s title suggests, this “international online community of atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, secular humanists” encourages participation in discussions of current events, science, moral philosophy, politics and more.

Worldview Naturalism – videos, podcasts, debates and articles intending to “introduce people to a view of the world that comes from science and observation, not religion and revelation.”

Agnostic Popular Front – Debates – a blog discussing debates about theism, non-theism, creationism, evolutionism, etc. Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Harriss, they’re all here. Last entry was in August 2012, so there’s a chance it’s not being updated anymore.